Burglar Alarms London – Which Burglar Alarms Are Right For You?

Burglar Alarms London

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes, so havingĀ Burglar Alarms London installed is a great way to help deter would-be criminals. It’s also an effective security measure and one that can help boost the value of your home.

The right alarm for you depends on where you live, your budget, what type of property you have and what level of protection you are after. There are plenty of options to choose from, and it’s worth reading our expert reviews to find the best one for your home or business.

Dialler alarms: these automatically dial your phone number, or that of nominated friends and family, when the alarm is triggered. These aren’t common these days, but they still exist and they can be a useful safety feature in case you’re not around when your alarm is triggered.

Smart security systems: These are controlled via an app on your phone and can often be linked to other devices, such as cameras, to provide additional home security. These systems usually work with voice assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, to make it easier to control your security from anywhere.

They can also be used with a panic button for emergency assistance and many can link to fire and flood detectors too. You can set up a list of people you want to be alerted to the alarm, and they’ll be called in priority order.

Some models even connect to your TV to give you an even better idea of what’s going on, and they can sometimes be programmed to send out notifications when your children leave for school or work.

If you’d rather not pay a monthly subscription fee to use the full functionality of a smart burglar alarm system, consider the free versions available from some providers. These include Boundary, Ring, Yale, and SimpliSafe, but they don’t offer push notifications or video streaming.

You can also opt to have a contact alert monitoring service that will contact you when your alarm is triggered, or if the police are called out for a break-in. Most alarm brands offer a contact alert monitoring service and these can be set up for a monthly or annual fee, depending on the brand.

They’re not an effective deterrent on their own, however, so if you’re concerned about having the call out to a neighbour if your alarm is triggered, you could consider using a smart security system instead. These will send you an alert when the alarm is triggered and you can then take steps to try and stop it happening.

It’s a great idea to have your alarm maintained regularly, so that you can be assured of the latest features and functions. This should help to extend the operational life of your alarm – and it’s a service that Firstford Ltd can offer for both domestic and commercial customers in London and Surrey.

As one of the UK’s longest-serving alarm installation and maintenance specialists, we know how to provide you with a security system that will work exactly as you need it to. Our NSI Gold accredited team can install a wide range of intruder and alarm systems that suit the needs of your specific property.