League of Legends Coaching

League of Legends Coaching

LoL Coaching is a great way to either supplement your income, or to completely replace it. In both cases, you are your own best boss. If you enjoy being your own boss, then coaching is for you. If you like to share and give back to your community, then coaching is perfect for you!

There are literally thousands of people who have started coaching due to the enormous amount of help and assistance available on the internet. Coaches earn anywhere from ten to 150 dollars per hour depending on their credentials, experience, mastery of certain roles, and performance and accomplishments in the competitive scene. Most work on a per project basis, coaching single or small, independent groups. Most of these coaches are very successful and do not charge much for their services. Many offer free coaching through their website, or by simply placing a Fiverr gig for coaches to sign up for.

I started coaching about two months ago, as I was having some trouble in my lane. I needed to improve my early game presence, my middle game presence, and my late game presence. I figured that if I had someone like League of Legends coach me, I could just simply listen to him as he taught me each lesson and it would go away. I signed up for about six or seven different ESL programs in different cities, and spent about two months getting good at each role. My first experience as a coach was playing support, where I got first shot at the lane coaching role. I think I did pretty OK, but there were a few things I could do better.

After I got more experience playing as a carry or in the jungle, I started playing more as a jungle, which is when I really started to learn a lot more about the game. One thing I realized after coaching many players is that the most successful coaches also have a strong background in the game. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand why someone is good at doing something, until you get a chance to see them do it. I’ve learned a lot about how people play, and it’s helped me figure out how to be a better coach.

So what I realized is that League of Legends is a very detailed game. If you want to succeed as a coach, you have to know how to do all of those little details, because that’s how you’re going to teach your players the proper things they need to know. Also, you have to know how to play the game correctly, so you can teach the right lessons. If you have a coach, you’ll either have one-on-one lessons with them, or you’ll have to record the lessons and play it back for yourself, to learn from it.

If you decide to do it with your own League of Legends coaching skills, you can have just about any kind of lesson you want. Some coaches like to go over specific strategies and champions, and others like to teach them completely. Some like to use replays to learn new strategies, and others like to just watch the game and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their team. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you learn from the games you watch, so you can improve your coaching skills. Good luck!