Long Sleeve Wool Shirts

Long sleeve wool shirts are a versatile, comfortable choice for any outdoor adventure. Made from soft, never itchy merino wool, they offer natural odor resistance and are a great way to regulate your body temperature. These shirts also wick away moisture to keep you dry and cool in hot weather, or warm and cozy in colder temperatures.

Merino Wool T-Shirts

The best merino wool t-shirts are made from 100% pure merino wool, meaning they’re completely free of synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester. These shirts are lightweight, breathable and comfortable, and they hold their shape between washings. Plus, they’re odor-resistant and naturally antimicrobial so you can wear them with confidence.

They’re also very easy to clean, so they’ll last for years. It’s recommended to hang your merino wool shirt to dry after each use and to wash it with soap and water when necessary.

You’ll find a wide range of merino wool t-shirts on the market, from featherweight to heavy weight. Many brands use a weight numbering system to help you choose the right thickness for you.

Ibex Tees

Ibex makes a variety of tees that are made from a blend of long sleeve merino wool shirt and a natural cellulose fiber called Tencel. The result is a very comfortable, very soft shirt that’s silky to the touch. Ibex tees are often worn by hikers and mountaineers for their durability and softness, but they’re also popular for everyday wear.

BD Nuyarn Sleeve T-Shirt

If you’re looking for the world’s lightest technical merino wool t-shirt, look no further than BD’s Nuyarn Rhythm Tee. It’s 95 grams per square meter (g/m2), which is 3.3 ounces, and it’s significantly lighter than REI’s midweight tee (95 grams).

It also has the fastest drying time of all our test shirts.

Icebreaker Tech Lite II Short Sleeve T-Shirt

We’re big fans of the Tech Lite II short sleeve tee from Icebreaker. It’s made from an ultralight merino wool that dries quickly and is odor-resistant.

The company offers several other merino wool tees as well, including a tee with a nylon core for added durability. These are perfect for those who want to be able to go for longer hikes and backpacking trips.

Ortovox Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

Ortovox tees are designed for athletic performance, which means they hug your torso and have logos that are easy to see. They’re also very versatile, and come in both long and short sleeves.

Smartwool T-Shirts

Smartwool tees are a great option if you’re looking for a more affordable merino wool tee. The brand has a full line of tees that vary in fit and fabric weight, but they all have great performance qualities.

Black Diamond T-Shirts

Black Diamond tees are another great choice for those looking for a merino wool tee that’s lightweight and easy to clean. They have a wide range of colorways, including a bright and fun camo print, so you can pair them with any outfit.

REI Co-op T-Shirts

REI tees are great for active men who want a high quality, durable tee that will hold up to a lot of use. Their merino tees are lightweight, breathable and come in a variety of colors.