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Painters Canberra

The Paint Shop has been established in Darlinghurst since 1947 and has branched out into an international award winning painting business. It is one of the few businesses in Darlinghurst that specialise in custom home paint as well as watercolour, oil, pigment and stenciling. The Paint Shop offers a wide range of wall coverings and accessories including matting and graffiti removal, refurbishment and repair. Painters Canberra are trained to give customers a high quality finish with the advice of a friendly and knowledgeable staff. With a reputation for providing a high standard of workmanship and using state-of-the-art materials the Paint Shop is a sought after area for local businesses as well as being a favourite for national and international clients.

A visit to the Paint Shop will reveal a business that is both creative and proud of their industry and a shop that offers all the products a custom painter could ever need. They carry a wide selection of mediums and glazes including enamel, urethane, acrylic and latex. These glazes are available in a multitude of colours so you are sure to find something to suit your painting needs. The range of paints available includes paints for use on timber, concrete, metal and also glass. The business also stocks a large range of brushes and sketch pads to complete your designs.

As a member of the Royal Academy of Arts, the Paint Shop has been accredited by the Department of Industry, Trade and Business. The business also subscribes to a Code Of Conduct for Painting Contractors which is approved by the ACT Government. This demonstrates to both domestic and international clients that they operate a business that is professional, efficient and has the necessary skills to undertake the painting job. In addition to this, the Painting Shop is an accredited dealer for the manufacture of window cling film and window tint.

As well as offering a comprehensive range of paints, the Paint Shop also specialises in wall and ceiling panel preparation and repair. The finishing process is achieved using both dry and wet methods. Painters are able to specialise in a wide range of areas including modern interior design, murals and modern art. Many painters working here will have strong ties to local communities are actively encouraged to visit the premises for a paint job or consultation. This helps to build up a long-term relationship between the business and local industry.

Another important aspect of working here is the patronage of customers. Painters in general have a passion for what they do; when they see a customer enjoying their services, they know that the customer will also return again and also provide referrals to others. As a result, not only are all painters encouraged to build up a loyal customer base, they also have a responsibility to those people who purchase their products.

To ensure the quality of the paint used is high, all painters are required to undergo a rigorous training regime. This includes a two-week apprenticeship at an approved technical college. During this time, they learn everything from how to prep the painting surface to techniques such as glazing and ventilation. During this time they are also taught how to paint the business’s walls. Once completed they undergo a final master class which focuses on painting commercial buildings.

Commercial painters in Canberra may work for either private industrial clients or government offices. There are a variety of businesses that employ painters to paint the commercial walls in both areas. Restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, banks, hospitals, schools and other public buildings all hire commercial painters. They may also be employed by private individuals who are building new private homes or interior design companies.

Painting in Canberra is a growing business with a number of private practitioners now providing the service. There are also a number of colleges and technical schools that offer this form of painting. It is possible for students who wish to be painters to gain a diploma to undertake this work. These schools offer the chance to gain valuable experience while gaining essential qualifications at the same time. For those wanting to enter the industry and work in both public and private sectors, the training and qualifications will help ensure that one has a successful career in the area.