Cities with the Highest Rate of Mesothelioma Deaths

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that was used for a range of reasons, from roofing materials, brake linings, water supply lines, gaskets, clutches, pads to automobiles. Because of its tensile strength and resistance to harmful chemicals, asbestos has been utilized in most residential, commercial and industrial items.

But experts found that exposure to asbestos-laced talc baby powders could also lead to mesothelioma, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and other serious complications. After the discovery of potential risks, profit-oriented companies continued to use the mineral for years.

It’s estimated that 125 million people have been exposed to the material in the workplace, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In the US, the government implements some important regulations. However, asbestos is not banned. Asbestos imports have been increasing. Although there will be a total ban in the coming months, people will continue to get sick from the carcinogen. Why? It’s because mesothelioma has a 20 or 50 year latency period.

After exposing to mineral for a long time, symptoms can include shortness of breath, dry cough, wheezing, crackling sound, chest pain, pleural effusion, pleural plaques, asbestosis, pleural thickening, and respiratory complications.

However, plaques begin to develop from 10 to 30 years. Doctors diagnose asbestosis or mesothelioma when the condition is an advanced stage.

Other signs can include abdominal swelling, pelvic pain, hernia, weight loss, bowel construction, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, and loss of appetite. Without immediate and quality treatment, patients have a higher risk to die.

For the past years, mesothelioma deaths have been skyrocketing. Minnesota, for example, has approximately 4, 852. It’s no surprise because mining is big business in the state and has become the topnotch supplier of iron ore in America.

Aside from Minnesota, northern California is one of the top 15 states with the highest rate of mesothelioma deaths with 5,153 cases. The coastal cities with heavy power plants and shipbuilding are the things to blame.

It is also home to a variety of talc mine. The softest mineral on earth, talc has a range of cosmetic and commercial uses. However, talc and asbestos have been associated with each other in geological formations. It puts miners and other workers at risk when they disturb asbestos. More than that, talc has been a big contributing factor to the development of ovarian cancer.

Cities with  a High Number of Mesothelioma Deaths 

Geographical areas with deposits of asbestos have exhibited high rates of mesothelioma.  Areas with former mines are primary mesothelioma hot spots.

The cities with mesothelioma incidence include Libby (Montana), El Dorado Hills (California), Manville (New Jersey), Clark County (Nevada), Dunn County (North Dakota), and Allegheny County (Pennsylvania).

Since the life expectancy for patients is about a year, its incidence and mortality are typically close.

It’s also good to note that California is home to a few of the largest deposits of asbestos across the globe. What’s surprising is that it leads the nation when it comes to mesothelioma deaths. In fact, it had 247 related deaths in 2015.

With 143 deaths, Florida is second.